Keeping in line with my “What is spring?”, I have been racking my brain for ways to describe this to His Highness.  Yesterday gave me at least one more item to describe.  I did not think it would be this hard for me to come up with ideas, but as I was standing out on the back deck the  Forsythia Bush jumped out at me.  The forsythia always blooms at Easter and Easter is a sure sign of spring for me.  We have always had this bush planted at home since I was  a child.  They require little maintenance and (at least I think and that’s all that matters in my world) that they are very pretty.



It amazes me how one day this brown mess of sticks can transform itself into a wild bush of yellow.


While it is not fully in bloom it is still very pretty.


Anyways this is my blast of spring for y’all today.  It is now 2 am and I need to pretend at least that I am going to bed.