This has been the year from hell and I cannot wait for it to be completed.  My mother passed away in May that sent me into a tailspin, major funk not feeling like doing anything.  We lost an uncle and my cousins stepson between May and October, as well as a few family friends.  It feels like it has been one nonstop funeral around here.  This week I seem to have pulled out of it a little bit and am trying to get back on track with things.  I have thought about writing on here a million times but just didn’t have the energy of the words to complete a post.

I have been working on a few projects, first being compiling all my mothers recipes into a book that I hope to have complete and give out to the family at Christmas.  I made 2 pairs of pajama bottoms out of Halloween material for my brother and daughter. (I keep forgetting to take a pic of them).  FInally I am in the process of making my first quilt, should be done with this this weekend.

I think i have been making myself busy to avoid life, but at least I am doing something.

This week I got the house and yard decorated for Halloween and I am excited to be back in the states able to do the kind of holidays that I want this year.

Hopefully in the days and weeks to come I will be back in the grove of things on here.  🙂