So His Highness has asked me to tell him what spring is like here.  I have sat around for about two weeks trying to decide how to explain this to him.  I still do not have any idea, but I figured if I didn’t start something it would have come and gone before I knew it.  The first thing I noticed this year is the squirrels, I know people have this love hate relationship with these animals and here its become the annual battle of keeping them out of the bird feeders.  From the amount of feed missing each day out of the bird feeder I think the squirrel is winning.


IMG_9733 IMG_9734

As you can see this one is having a blast at his free buffet.  The official start of spring was 2 days ago and it snowed in some of the area so it doesn’t really feel much like spring to me.  Maybe when the plants start to bud I will feel more into this project he has asked me to do, however right now all I wanta do is curl up in a ball and read a book.