This time of year I always have the urge to get outside and fly a kite.  No matter how old I get this is an activity that I enjoy.  Kite flying has a long history throughout the world.  The Chinese seem to be the origin of the kite dating back to 549 AD.  Since the invention of this item it has spread across the world and used for everything from locating people on search and rescue missions, to science experiments (Ben Franklin), the Wright brothers even used kites while they were researching how to fly and several countries have what they call kite fights.

South Asia is a big area where they do the kite fighting.  In Afghanistan it is a national sport.  They use kites with some kind of abrasion on the line to cut down their opponents kite or just to take down the others kite by grounding it.  This takes more skill than I possess to accomplish this I am sure.

March is typically the prime time to fly a kite here, however April it is still windy enough outside to get one up in the air.  I remember when I was little we would go to my Grandparents out in their field that was free of hazards and fly them.  It seemed that we got that kite a million miles up into the sky.  Of course the string would almost always snap and our kite would be lost.


While I was overseas during the warmer months I would sit out on the roof of our flat and watch the children fly kites from their roofs.  The sky would be filled with them.  Somewhere I have a ton of photographs of the kids playing, but as of right now I cannot find any of them.  😦  I will have to keep digging for those.  Story of my life go to look for something and can’t find it.

My kids never seemed to get into the whole kite flying thing, guess that Xbox is more exciting than standing out in the yard with a kite.  I have tried several times to get them involved in this activity and it always fizzles out after a few minutes.  Maybe one day when they are older they will enjoy the nothingness involved in this activity, it is so relaxing to just stand around and think of nothing just watch the kite dance around in the wind.